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  • Free shipping on all orders over $49 delivery within (5-8)working days after placing the order, 16 days return and exchange service.
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Returns & Exchanges

The return process means that the user purchases the product on our website, then we send it to the user according to the user's delivery address. After receiving the goods, the user needs to return the goods for many reasons such as the quality, color, style, type, code size and small size, or dislike. We will complete the entire returns and exchanges process by following steps:

(1). First, communicate with the customer service staff online or fill out the return and exchange application on the website to explain the reason for the return.

(2). Provide necessary information such as product order number and product information.

(3). Wait for the customer service staff to check and make the final decision.

(4). Perform offline return and exchange processes.

(5). Complete the entire process.

In order to create a good shopping experience for the user, and also bring unnecessary trouble to both parties, please also fill in the shipping address, name, phone number, email, the exact size of your clothes and shoes. If you buy baby clothes and shoes, please also carefully measure the exact size of your baby's feet and the size of the clothes so that you can accurately take your own standard size when ordering. This will reduce the troubles caused by the returns and exchanges, we hope you can understand.

About the color difference, The color you see when you receive the item and the image you see on the website will inevitably have a slight color difference. This is because the goods are in the process of shooting, due to lighting, angles, cameras, photographers and many other reasons, but we will try to avoid or reduce this problem.

Please note:

We are responsible for the return of shipping charges in the following cases.

(1). The product is wrong or missing.

(2). The product is damaged or lost during transportation.

(3). The product itself has a large defective.

The user shall be responsible for the return of the freight charges in the following cases.

(1). Clothes style, version, color.

(2). Some color difference.

(3). The code number is too large or too small.

(4). Users want to change other styles, colors, yards, etc.